Hiding in the Clouds

Acrylic, Feb 6, 2017

Acrylic, Feb 6, 2017



Tenacious Hope


Photo by Rainbow Arc

“Tenacious Hope” is a hopeful and uplifting piano piece.   It is also a Free Sample  on my website and available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and other sites where digital music is streamed and sold.

I hope you enjoy it!

Quiet Sphere

Amazing textures and details when seen up close! http://www.liamelia.com/

The captivating work of English-born Lia Melia is a result of mixing powder pigments with solvent paints and mediums and baking them onto aluminium using a hotplate.

via Lia Melia — o, mio estro

A while ago, I researched and created a list of 40 cat quotes that are brutally true. I thought I do this again and put together an additional list of 30 absolutely interesting cat quotes, that are cool too. Here we go… 1. The only escape from the miseries of life are music and cats. […]

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Calm Instrumental Piano Music


Take a moment for yourself away from the busy-ness and cacophony of the world, and immerse yourself in a quiet, calm bubble of music.

Free Samples: http://quietsphere.ca/samples/.  I’m also on Facebook @quietsphere.

I upload one piece per week, so 52 during the course of a year.  Website Memberships start at only $5!  http://quietsphere.ca/membership-join/ I also have a few select pieces available on iTunes, Spotify and other sites where digital music is streamed and sold.

I hope you enjoy a moment of calm in your day!

Quiet Sphere